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Communication Blog

Here are Some Tips in Having Better Communication in Your Relationship



Communication is the key in having a good relationship. It is important that you talk to each other. Even if you love each other you still do not know what is on the mind of your partner. Communication can help you in avoiding having a misunderstanding with your partner.


Below are the tips from the Chartcons article in having a better communication relationship:


A. You should practice attentive listening


It is important that you always have your full attention to your partner. When talking to your partner you should encourage him or her with the use of your eyes, you must clarify the questions if you do not understand it, you should summarize what you talk about so you could prove that you are really listening.


B. You should stop any activities that you are doing


Most of the time when we talk to one another we are usually doing other things. You need to stop and look in each others eyes when talking to each other because it is really powerful and it really helps.


C. Honesty is the best policy


You should always be honest when talking to your partner. There are times when you could not focus, so when your partner ask if you could talk to each other but you are in those times, then you should just be honest and tell your partner you could talk to each other when you have a clear mind. You must say this with respect and love. Click here if you want more information.


D. Make sure that you are listening with an empty cup


Make sure that you are listening with an empty cup when it is your turn to listen. You may think that you heard about this topic for over a hundred of times, but you really do not know what your partner is really going to say. You should always listen to the newness of everything. Know more about communications at


E. Make sure that you speak from the heart


You may know and memorize what you are going to say to your partner but it is still best that you listen to what your heart is saying before you say anything.


F. Make sure that you leave the past where it should belong


Try your best in leaving the past behind. If you are in a position where you always bring up the past then you should talk to professionals who could help you in letting go of your painful past.